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Neck Pain Treatment Relief

Pain in the neck is an idiom that is also a reflection of the medical condition. Having pain in the neck may not always be a serious injury, but is a source of constant nagging and irritating pain.  The dysfunction that a pain in neck can cause could be a cause for concern.  When mobility of the neck is affected, it can severely hamper a person’s quality of life.  Neck Pain Treatment is available at affordable costs to treat the problem from Astra Hospital.


Reasons for Neck Pain

The neck offers a high degree of flexibility and grace to the human anatomy. Unfortunately, the flexibility at times, turns out to be the main cause for injury and Neck Pain Treatment aims to help rid a person of the discomfort through various procedures as per diagnosis.

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Types of Surgery in Neck Pain

The types of surgical Neck Pain Treatment are :


    • Anterior cervical discectomy

This involves replacing a herniated disk in the neck that causes a condition called as nerve pinching. The disk is replaced with bone graft or a portion of the patient’s bone from the hip and the vertebrae are fused together.


    • Laminectomy

This involves removal of bony plates called as laminae on the rear of the vertebrae that covers and protects the spinal cord. This helps in reduction in pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.


    • Laminoplasty

This involves enlargement of the spinal canal to create more space for the spinal cord.


    • Cervical spinal fusion

This involves joining two vertebra together to overcome the problem of the vertebra grinding against each other and wearing away.


Post Surgical Care

After availing Neck Pain Treatment from Astra, the patient would be advised to wear neck braces and take sufficient rest for a period which may extend up to 04 weeks. After the surgery, the patient is to avoid lifting heavy weights or placing stress on the neck.


Neck Pain Treatment in Chennai – the Astra way

Treatment is most effective when great care is exercised by the hospital offering treatment. The professional expertise of the surgeons, the experience of the paramedical and support staff, the care and monitoring of the specialist nurses and the type of equipment used play a vital role in ensuring that treatment is truly effective.

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