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Spine deformity – remediable

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The spine provides balance and stability to the human body, apart from giving it flexibility and mobility. It serves as a nodal part, for attaching muscles and ribs etc.  If, for some reason, the spine gets deformed, then the posture gets affected, which has a rippling effect on all other acts of mobility.  The Best spinal deformity surgeon in Chennai offers treatment options which prove that not all conditions are irremediable.

Reasons for deformity

Deformity of the spine called as Scoliosis, kyphosis, scheurmann’s disease, spondylolisthesis or ankylosing spondylitis occurs in any age group due to naturally occurring abnormal curvature or multiple fractures.  Symptoms to detect the deformity are abnormal sitting posture, difficulty in breathing, weakness of the leg, incurable back pain and difficulty in getting walking posture right. Such problems call for surgical correction from Best spinal deformity surgeon in Chennai to restore normalcy.

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How deformity affects daily life

Scoliosis associated with other congenital disorders hampers the development of children, while the condition in adults which occurs along with the onset of arthritis causes extreme discomfort and excruciating pain. In other forms of the deformity, the patient would be unable to stand straight or walk normally. Best spinal deformity surgeon in Chennai conducts a thorough diagnosis before suggesting treatment options.

Treatment options available

The age of the patient, the medical history, the impairment or severity of the disease and in some cases, the physical appearance determine the treatments recommended.  Surgical intervention becomes necessary when the curvature progresses to a tipping point, or when complications arise in other bodily functions. Best spinal deformity surgeon in chennai carries out surgical correction which includes Minimally Invasive spinal surgery, Endoscopic spinal surgery, Disc replacements, Kyphoplasty & vertebroplasty, Coblation nucleoplasty, Major spinal deformity for scoliosis. Non surgical treatments include Laser Therapy. Physiotherapy modalities such as IFT, Physical Therapy, Specialist spinal pain relieving injections, Prescription Yoga Therapy.

Astra hospital – the difference

Treatment is holistic at Astra hospital, and the nature of treatment at Astra Hospital by one of the Best spinal deformity surgeon in Chennai is proven by statistics and by the all-out, all round approach to provide the best-in-class treatment at affordable rates to patients ailing from this condition that causes extreme discomfort even while carrying out routine tasks.

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