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Holistic approach to musculoskeletal problems by Best orthopedic surgeon

Treatment for musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders has improved to highly specialized levels, offering therapies and results that were not possible before. Treatment for such injuries from one of the Best orthopedic surgeon in Chennai relies on advanced techniques and materials perfected through procedures globally.


Orthopedics and pediatrics

Children suffering from musculoskeletal problems respond to treatment differently from adults because they are still growing. Children, especially toddlers and the very young will not be able to express their problems properly. Only suitably trained specialists like Best orthopedic surgeon will be able to diagnose and treat problems in little children. Some problems are minor that will get automatically corrected as the child grows, while some have to be treated before they become a major disorder.

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Types of disorders

Basically, there are two types of disorders, congenital and acquired. Congenital disorders are those that are formed when the baby is developing, whereas acquired are those that occur after birth.

Some of the disorders treated by orthopedic surgeons are :

  • Congenital limb shortening
  • Congenital hip dysplasia
  • Congenital hand deformities
  • Congenital foot deformities
  • Congenital spinal deformities
  • Complex limb deformities
  • Developmental hip problems.


Medical advances in procedures

The types of treatment have advanced over the years to offer highly specialized services such as

  • Accelerated bone healing
  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Anterior hip replacement
  • Biomaterials for Hip and Knee replacement
  • Magnetically expandable prosthesis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Osteoporosis

Prior to advances in technology, orthopedic treatment consisted mainly of splints, plaster casts, etc. However, the treatment that is offered by the best orthopedic surgeon in Chennai is superior with proven results, on par with the best in the world.


Equipment and expertise – The Astra advantage

It is mandatory for every procedure to be conducted with the latest technology and equipment, handled by well qualified surgeons with sufficient experience in surgical procedures. Astra Hospital boasts of the best-in-class facilities handled by one of the best orthopedic surgeons to give patients effective treatment at affordable prices and in the shortest possible time frame with adequate follow up consultation to review the progress of treatment. All para medical staff are trained to provide efficient critical support to the best orthopedic surgeon in Chennai.

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We have highly qualified and trained doctors and staff to deal with all Orthopaedic and Spinal problems, with the latest equipments the world has to offer in these fields.

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