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Joints give humans the flexibility to use limbs and perform mundane and complicated physical tasks. Extreme pain can experience as a result of damage to the cartilage lining the ends of the bones due to a host of reasons including arthritis, fracture etc. The pain, which is an indication of an unhealthy condition, can rapidly progress and immobilise the patient. Availing specialised services of one of the Best Joint replacement surgeon in Chennai will help in restoring normalcy.


Functional classification

Joints also classified according to their functionality, based on the ability of the joint to enable different types and degrees of movement, such as

  • Synarthrosis – negligible or nil mobility
  • Amphiarthrosis – slight mobility
  • Diarthrosis – maximum versatility freely movable.

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Factors necessitating joint replacement

When nonsurgical treatments do not produce results, like relief from pain or disability, joint replacement resorted to restoring normalcy. Surgeons classified as Best Joint replacement treatment will take into consideration various factors such as the age of the patient, medical history, response to medication etc., before recommending joint replacement.


Pre-surgical preparation

The period preceding a surgery will be spent on a battery of tests to determine general health condition and response. A good surgeon of the likes be Best Knee replacement surgeon will also guide a patient through preparations for post-surgical care, such as suggesting procurement of movement assisting objects and therapeutic splints to see a patient through the period immediately after surgery. The concern after an operation, such as adherence to therapy is vital to the success of the procedure which is emphasised by Best Joint replacement surgeon in Chennai.


Replacement at Astra is restoration

The discomfort is causing bone or lining structure of the joint removed during surgery. In the place of the discarded bones and joints, implants made of superior and tested materials such as titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless steel, ceramic material, and polyethene (plastic) positioned. In some cases, bones grow into the implant, whereas in other cases, the implants carry out the function of the removed bone or joint. Astra hospital utilises the expertise of the Joint, Knee & Hip replacement surgeon to perform these sophisticated and highly advanced procedures to provide maximum relief to patients at a reasonable cost.

Get relief from Joint Pains

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