Best arthroscopic surgeon in Chennai


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Best arthroscopic surgeon in Chennai

Surgery is now being replaced by arthroscopy for most of the problems associated with joints. The procedure by Best arthroscopic surgeon in Chennai will start with a diagnosis through physical examination, medical history, x-ray, MRI or CT scan if needed. The arthroscope will give a conclusive picture about condition and treatment. Arthroscope is an instrument that is inserted into the body through a minor incision. The instrument will relay images through fibre optics. A separate incision will be made to insert surgical instruments for the treatment. Some of the common problems that can be treated by arthroscopy are :

Arthroscopy – the shift from open surgery

  • Inflammation of the lining in the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist or ankle
  • Acute or Chronic Injury – Shoulder, Knee, Wrist, Elbow etc
  • Sports Injuries
  • Some problems associated with arthritis also can be treated.

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Quicker recovery – to help resumption of normal duties

The procedure involves anesthetics, either local, general, or spinal. The minor incisions through which the arthroscope and surgical instruments are inserted, will, after treatment be covered with dressing and patients will be transferred to the recovery room. Usually, because of the small size of the incisions, in some cases, the patient will be able to continue normal duties after two to three days. Others, such as sportsmen will require longer periods to recover and partake in sporting activities. The procedures by Best arthroscopic surgeon in Chennai are carried out by using state of the art equipment.

Post-surgical care

The incisions for the insertion of equipment will heal quickly. The surgeon will advise the patient regarding DOs and DONTs, like the nature of activities that can be taken up and those that should not. The patient will also be given a routine of exercise to strengthen the joints. The sutures, if any, will be removed after the review of the condition by the Best arthroscopic surgeon in Chennai.

The safe procedure reduces risks

Because the procedure involves a small incision, the risk is lesser. The patient will be generally be discharged on the same day, except in stances where further treatment or monitoring is required for further intervention. This cuts down on the requirement for lengthy hospital stays.It is a safe and proven method, accepted by sport medicine specialists, who seek the opinion of the Best arthroscopic surgeon in Chennai.

Astra hospital – the three Es – experience, ethics, and efficiency

The hospital was founded with the twin objectives of providing affordable treatment, without compromising on the quality of treatment. The consultant is one of the Best arthroscopic surgeon in Chennai with many complex procedures to his credit. Astra hospital offers treatment for Knee ligament reconstruction, Cartilage repair, Joint preserving techniques, Shoulder and Elbow Arthroscopy, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Shoulder surgery, Wrist arthroscopy.

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